André Bauer

We all like to talk about the good old days...gathering with family and friends, to share stories of years gone by, loved ones we've lost and simpler times for America.  And as important as it is to hold onto our fondest memories, we have an obligation to make sure our best days still lie ahead. 
Times are tough, the world is uncertain, good hard-working people are out of jobs and worst of all many Americans are losing hope.  That’s not the America I know.  The America I know is the land of opportunity.  I am a product of that opportunity, an example of the dreams that can come true with hard work and good blessings. 
Many fear that the next generation may not fare as well as their parents, that the American dream has died, and that the fate of our country is in peril. This is not the America I grew up in. This is not the country about which Ronald Reagan said, "...our best days lie ahead." With a new Republican president and a conservative congress, we can change things for the better and "Get America working again."
Sure we have challenges, but we also have solutions.  We know what works. We know that strong a United States of America is a stabilizing force in the world…keeping us safe. We know that smaller government and more individual ingenuity leads to more jobs and we know that passing on our pride in America to the next generation will ensure their success even after we’re gone.
I cannot sit on the sidelines of history and watch America slowly morph into another European-style socialistic country. I cannot sit back while Barack Obama imposes his liberal agenda on hard-working American families. And, I cannot sit by while the federal government becomes larger and the paychecks of Americans become smaller. I want to put my experience and proven conservative record to work in Washington for the people of South Carolina.
This is the country that declared our own independence, defeated the Nazis, and beat back Communism. We will not allow tough times or an overreaching federal government defeat us now.  So today, I ask you to join me, to make sure that our children’s children can sit around and tell their own stories about the good old days. 
As this campaign continues you’ll be hearing from me about my detailed plans for economic growth, creating jobs and restoring America. While I will ask for your support, I will also ask for your prayers for our country.

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