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Andre Bauer is proud to be affiliated with the Republicans, a political party he’s tirelessly represented for the past 30 years. Early on in his political career, Bauer was called on by South Carolina Republican Party leaders because of his strong leadership and successful campaigning. It was a time in 1998 when the state’s Republican Party needed a hero to stand up and take back the power from the Democrats in the Senate. Bauer answered the call, won the Senate seat in a landslide victory, and in the process, regained the political momentum for the state’s Republican Party. The Republican issues and core beliefs Bauer has vowed to uphold in his tenure are the same outlined on the party’s national committee website:

  • The best government for the people is one that is closest to the people, and therefore the government shouldn’t interfere unless they are needed.
  • The strength of the nation lies within the individuals who live in the country, and therefore feel that the individual’s freedom, dignity, and responsibility must come first and foremost in our government.
  • Free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative are what has brought the country economic prosperity in the past, and what will continue to bring it prosperity today.
  • The government must practice fiscal responsibility, and allow its people to keep the money that they work for.
  • America should work to protect national freedom first while working to spread peace, freedom, and human rights in the world.

Read on to see where Andre Bauer stands on the key issues that reverberate through the Palmetto State and our homeland.

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