Andre Bauer

Family Values

One of the issues closest to André Bauer’s heart is family values. Born and raised in a Christian home in Charleston, S.C., he passes along his blessings and conservative values today through his service to his home state.

Families are the cornerstone of our culture and of a strong society. It’s within a family unit foundation that values, ideals, and lessons for life are founded. André also believes that families exist in many different forms. He himself comes from a home of divorce. Now married with a child and three stepchildren, André realizes more than ever, how important the family unit is.  To create a sturdy foundation for the strength and success of our citizens and our nation, he support policies that promote strong families. André also supports a government that makes it easier for parents to raise their children in a world that offers unprecedented opportunities and new challenges. He offers an approach based on our common values and our common hopes.

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